Update: Disabling deposits and withdrawals for BitOasis customers with EmiratesNBD accounts

We’d like to inform our customers registered with EmiratesNBD accounts on BitOasis that we are no longer supporting deposits and withdrawals on their accounts.

Unfortunately, in the recent weeks, we noticed that EmiratesNBD has started randomly returning or blocking our customers’ transfers and withdrawals due to an internal policy within the bank that is out of our control. This has caused a major disruption to our customers, where some have been forced to change bank accounts to continue using our service. This is purely an internal policy decision taken by ENBD and is not caused by any service interruptions on our platform. Our platform continues supporting other banks in UAE and across GCC as usual.

If you are a customer with an ENBD account, we recommend you get in touch with your bank to inquire more about this issue and change your banking details on BitOasis to another local bank account you own to continue using our service with no disruptions.

BitOasis team