Important FAQ: Account verification & higher limits requests

1. I submitted my verification request on BitOasis and it’s been weeks already. What do I need to do to get verified?

If you submitted a verification request during this period and still want your account to get verified, please help us prioritize your verification by following the steps below:

  • • Click Submit at the bottom of your application to get re-submitted and prioritized on our verification queue.

2. After re-submitting my verification request, when do I expect to get verified?

We are prioritizing verification requests based on their original submission date. Resubmitted verifications between Dec 10th – 17th have already been processed.

If your application has been originally filled between Dec 10th to Dec 17th, 2017 and you’ve resubmitted it as explained in Question 1 above, rest assured we’ll be prioritizing your application on our queue to make sure it’s processed within 24-48 hours. However, please make sure it’s RESUBMITTED before you reach out to our customer support team (refer to question 1 above).

If your application has been originally filled between Dec 18th to Dec 24th, 2017 and you have resubmitted your request already, please allow 5-7 working days from resubmission date until we process your request. Your resubmission request will be prioritized based on original submission date.

3. Why is BitOasis experiencing all these delays verifying my account?

Since the recent rise in the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum, we have experienced tremendous growth in user sign-ups and verifications on our platform. Due to the unprecedented growth in user activity, we have experienced delays in verifying and on-boarding new customers. Rest assured we’re trying to move as quickly as possible through the outstanding verifications backlog and adding new resources to keep up with the growth.

To make sure we get as quickly as possible to your outstanding verification request, please check Question 1 and 2.

4. You stopped the verification process for new customers. Why is that?

We’re happy to have you as a new customer and look forward to on-boarding you soon, however, due to the surge in user sign-ups we had to currently pause the verification process for new customers to make sure we onboard and verify customers who’ve already submitted their requests between Dec 10th to Dec 24th, 2017.

Currently, we can’t onboard you to use BitOasis with a higher weekly limit. Please check Question 6 on when we’ll be opening up verifications again.

5. What’s my weekly limit now before submitting my full verification request?

Your weekly deposit limit is 1,500AED. You won’t be able to sell any bitcoins until your account is fully verified.

6. When will new users be able to submit verification requests?

We have temporarily paused account verifications for new customers due to the surge in user activity. We expect to re-enable verifications within the next 1-2 weeks. Please stay tuned as we’ll be communicating this date on our platform.

7. Can I apply for a higher deposit/withdrawal weekly limit on my account?

Due to the recent surge in demand and user sign-ups, we are temporarily pausing applications for higher deposit/withdrawal weekly limits on our platform.