Important FAQ: Deposits & Withdrawals to ENBD Accounts

– What is the issue with BitOasis customers that hold EmiratesNBD (ENBD) accounts?

Customers registered with ENBD accounts on BitOasis are no longer able to do deposits and withdrawals on their BitOasis accounts.

Unfortunately, in the recent weeks, we noticed that ENBD has started randomly returning or blocking our customers’ transfers and withdrawals due to an internal policy within the bank that is out of our control. This has caused a major disruption to our customers, where some have been forced to change bank accounts to continue using our service.

– What is BitOasis doing to fix this?

This is purely an internal policy decision taken by ENBD and is not caused by any service interruptions on our platform. Our platform continues supporting other banks in UAE and across GCC as usual.

– When will this ENBD issue be resolved?

Unfortunately, we have no control over this issue as it’s strictly related to ENBD’s internal policies. At this point, we don’t think this will be resolved by ENBD anytime soon.

– I have another bank in UAE/GCC region, can I use this account instead of ENBD?

Yes. You can use other UAE/GCC based bank accounts you personally own, with the exception of Mashreq Bank. Sign in to your account on and feel free to change your ENBD banking details by clicking on the “Deposit Money” page on the “Buy Bitcoin” tab.

– I only have one bank account and it’s with ENBD, how can I withdraw my funds

We apologize for the inconvenience. However, the issue is not from our end and it’s strictly related to ENBD’s internal policies. Please feel free to submit a complaint to your bank. In the meantime, you can either redeem your voucher to digital assets, send your funds to an external wallet or open a new bank account in the GCC area.

– Will my account be verified even if my bank details are registered with ENBD?

Yes, your account will be verified with ENBD bank details.

– Can I buy using my credit/debit card from ENBD?

Yes, you can buy with a weekly limit of 20,000 AED via credit/debit card.