Top reasons why you’ll soon be transacting in bitcoin


Whenever you’re paying online or at a shop, you probably faced
situations where you were paying for your hotel using your credit card abroad,
or trying to grab that hot deal you found online, only to find out that your
transaction has failed. It’s also frustrating, time consuming and expensive
when you think of the time and fees needed to process that wire transfer to
your friend, not to mention the exchange fees on top of that. And you might
think, this is inevitable, you have to endure that nerve torturing process
every time you’re performing any transaction.

And among all of this there’s a new peer-to-peer electronic
cash transfer technology called Bitcoin
that is fast emerging on the sidelines. So what does bitcoin have to offer to
all people that want to transact more freely and instantaneously? Below, you’ll
find our top reasons why you’ll likely be using bitcoin to transact very soon:

1. Speed:

How much time it takes to perform a bitcoin transfer?
Virtually: As soon as you click the send button, the blockchain will register
the transaction and it will be updated on your wallet. It takes an average of
10 minutes to confirm the transaction on the blockchain. How about wire
transfers? First, the average time is around 3-5 business days, and banks may
hold on to your money a little longer. Credit card transactions may seem
instantaneous but they sometimes take days to clear on your account and often
there are delays in payments settled to merchants. [Score: Bitcoin 1 – 0 Traditional

2. Negligible fees:

average wire transfer fee is around $35 for international wire transfers. Even
Paypal charges around 3% and more for sending money
overseas. Credit card companies will charge at least 2-3% for each swipe. For bitcoin,
it costs typically 0.0001 BTC ($0.023810) for sending bitcoin transactions on
the blockchain and buying bitcoin on an exchange would typically charge you 1%
(some exchanges have lesser fees). [Score: Bitcoin 2 – 0 Traditional payments]

3. Crossborder and universal:

bitcoin depends solely on having internet access, your friend in one half of
the world can send you money to your location on the opposite side of the world
in zero time delay. Bitcoin revolutionizes transactions and payments by
bridging the time and place borders as you can process your transactions
anytime, anywhere in the globe, to absolutely any other location with a single
click, you don’t have to worry about time difference or working days in
different countries so your payment or transaction gets stuck for an unknown
amount of time. Bitcoin guarantees instantaneous transactions to you as soon as
the sender clicks the “send” button. [Score: Bitcoin 3 – 0 Traditional

You must begin to wonder, where does that leave security? We’re
going to show you what it’s like to use our wallet!

4. Security: BitOasis wallet adopts
2-of-3 multisignature security measures, a sophisticated solution to secure
your bitcoin wallet against fraud and theft. Your wallet has 3 different private
keys that are stored at three different firms: BitOasis, CryptoCorp and
a third-party independent law firm. Therefore no single party has control over
your bitcoins, as you’ll need 2 of those keys in order to access your wallet
and transfer any funds.

Many other
existing wallets have also implemented sophisticated security measures and different
kinds of multisig, but our solution is different to other solutions by how we
secure the third private key (Recovery Key). Users can reach out to the third
party law firm that manages all of our clients’ recovery keys to access their
wallet and retrieve their funds in the case of emergency or if BitOasis online service
is no longer available. We also secure our user accounts online by implementing
2-Factor Authentication and have users enter the multi-digit authentication
code they receive on their mobile phones upon attempting to log in to their
account. Adding another score here?

What are you waiting for? Log in to
and create your wallet now to enjoy all the amazing features and your
delay-free, cost-free money transactions using bitcoin.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me, Dina
Saman at [email protected]