What We’ve Learned at Dubai Bitcoin Conference: Bitcoin is Fast Rising in the Emerging World

We had a great time at the Dubai Bitcoin Conference. The event took place at the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) on December 12-13 and had a great mix of international and regional attendees and speakers. The event, organized by Bruce Fenton, is the second Bitcoin event that took place in Dubai and the first to successfully create a platform for all Bitcoiners, internationally and regionally, to connect, network and explore partnership opportunities.

The two days featured great speakers such as Bitcoin entrepreneur & investor Erik Voorhees, David Johnston of DApps Fund, Greg Simon of Ribbit and Founder & CEO of Bitreserve, Halsey Minor. The event also had Garrett Cassidy from Circle, Ira Miller of Coinapult and Paul Snow of Factom presenting.

Whoever attended the two days of the conference can’t deny the strong presence of startups from emerging markets; India, Africa, Turkey and most importantly the Middle East. Day 1 had Sunny Ray of Unocoin talking about Bitcoin in India. Having the world’s largest inbound remittances flow, with the biggest share coming from Gulf Arab countries, Sunny highlighted that Bitcoin can play a big part in facilitating remittances into the country. Our very own Ola Doudin talked about the potential of Bitcoin in the Middle East and BitOasis multi-signature wallet. David El Achkar of Yellow gave an overview of the Middle East’s fast growing Bitcoin ecosystem, presenting all the latest meetup groups and startups filling the space. Charlene Chen of BitPesa showcased their work in Kenya and their expansion across Africa.

In recent years, Dubai has emerged as a leading global commercial hub with a business environment that attracts companies and individuals from different parts of the world. Its strategic location, that connects the east with the west, has enabled it to become a leading financial center where opportunities and talent meet. And this year’s Dubai Bitcoin Conference was a live example of that. Startups and investors from various countries have come to celebrate Bitcoin. But the biggest highlight of the conference surely was that Bitcoin is fast rising in the emerging world. We’re excited to be part of this movement, and we’re eagerly looking forward to 2015!

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