BitOasis wishes to alert its users to a scam in which BitOasis is being impersonated by unknown individuals.

The scammers operate a fake Instagram account bearing the name and logo of BitOasis and are reaching out to their followers and members of the general public purporting to assist customers with earning money through a “crypto investment package”. 

The targeted customer is encouraged to open a crypto copy trading account with an affiliated broker called “Egenify”. The crypto copy trading account will purportedly copy winning trades which will enable the customer to generate profits distributed daily, without any fear of losses.

Correspondence through emails is through a fake “BitOasis investment package help desk” having email ID “bitoasimena” and email address at [email protected]. Customers are further encouraged to click on a link at to sign up.

BitOasis wishes to inform its users that this is fake. BitOasis does not offer a crypto investment package or a crypto copy trading account. The email ID, address, and web link are unknown to BitOasis. Furthermore, BitOasis does not have a dedicated BitOasis investment package helpdesk. Generally, BitOasis has never known, or been affiliated with a broker, entity, or platform by the name of “Egenify”, metabotplus, or any other name.

BitOasis strongly advises that you do not respond to the perpetrators of this scam and under no circumstances should you send, transfer, give, or pay any money or provide your information to Egenify, metabotplus, or any broker, entity or platform purporting to be affiliated to BitOasis.

Please ensure that any interaction with BitOasis is done through the official BitOasis’ App or on the BitOasis website.