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Important Update on LUNA Airdrop

Over the last few days there have been reports of developments with the Terra eco-system that indicate the possibility for holders of LUNA and UST to receive airdrops.

We wanted to let you know that BitOasis will be supporting the LUNA airdrop, subject to certain adjustments.

Our team is currently ironing out the finer details with regards to implementation, timing, and amount. We appreciate our investors’ need for more clarity on the currently unfolding situation. We will keep all impacted LUNA and UST holders on BitOasis updated on further developments through our official communication channels.

At this time, we would like to emphasize on the importance of conducting your own research to understand the implications of the new LUNA airdrop and reaching your own conclusions on these developments.

Note – We urge investors to be fully cognizant of the potential risks associated with airdrops. BitOasis will not be liable for any losses.

LUNA airdrop distribution details

Pre attack snapshot taken on 7th May 2022 at block 7544910 will be pro-rata distributed based on BitOasis compensation received in accordance with the Terra Rebirth distribution proposal.

Post attack snapshot will be taken at block 7,790,000 (approximately on 26/05/2022 07:59 PM UTC). Based on the Terra Rebirth distribution proposal, BitOasis will receive compensation in the form of new LUNA tokens that will be distributed to legacy LUNA and UST holders.

BitOasis will distribute the new LUNA tokens shortly after it receives them; we will provide more detailed timings as soon as the Terra team makes them available.

Latest updates on BitOasis

May 26th, 2022 – In preparation for the new LUNA airdrop, BitOasis suspended LUNA and UST deposits and withdrawals until further notice, starting 4 PM GST today (May 26th, 2022).

Watch this space for further updates.