Will Abu Dhabi level up gaming with crypto, NFTs? 

It’s easy to see why crypto and gaming go so well together. With blockchain-based gaming, people often earn rewards with cryptocurrency or NFTs just for playing games they would probably play for free. This could be one reason why Abu Dhabi-government-led initiative AD Gaming, has signed a partnership agreement with a local crypto firm, Attarius Network, that will encourage blockchain gaming in the emirate.

The agreement aims to build an all-in-one NFT ecosystem for gamers and digital artists by integrating blockchain, crypto, and NFTs into the gaming industry. 

How will Attarius help game developers in Abu Dhabi?

Often touted as one of the fastest-growing segments, blockchain gaming allows people to earn money through games with ‘play-to-earn’ options that support in-game exchange of NFTs or the completion of tasks in exchange for cryptocurrencies or tokenized in-game resources.

As a matter of fact, according to the Blockchain Game Alliance, NFT games have generated over $2 billion in revenue, with a significant increase in the number of wallets relating to gaming activity. DappRadar, which tracks blockchain activity, said that blockchain games are responsible for half of all blockchain usage. 

It’s clear why the local crypto firm, Attarius, aims to provide a launchpad for game developers in Abu Dhabi, as it would enable them to build their games on the blockchain, create game tokens, and also allow gamers to make money through trading in-game NFTs. 

A partnership with AD Gaming looks just right as the Abu Dhabi-based collaboration involves government and commercial organizations, as well as local content creators and gamers.  The initiative is currently supported by twofour54, Unity Technologies, Flash Entertainment, UAE Pro League, Emirates Esports Association, the Media Zone Authority, and ATTARIUS Network as well. 

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