BitOasis Supports All GCC Currencies

BitOasis has added support to four new fiat currencies; Bahraini dinar, Omani rial, Kuwaiti dinar, and Qatari riyal. With this new addition, BitOasis now support the fiat currencies of all the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, as it has been supporting the Emirati dirham and the Saudi riyal already.

This new update is proof of BitOasis’s commitment to making safe and secure cryptocurrency trading accessible to the region’s population and should provide the growing crypto community in the GCC countries with an improved and seamless experience. 

 Starting from June 6, 2023, the new currencies will be available to users in their respective countries, in addition to the Emirati dirham and the US dollar. Users can use the newly supported currencies for deposits, withdrawals, and trading on BitOasis Lite, with the support of other products for these currencies to be added later.