Buy Crypto with Zero Fee in UAE

How to buy bitcoin, Ether paying zero-fee with your local bank account in UAE 🇦🇪

We believe that finding an easy way to purchase crypto-assets is an important step towards mass adoption.

BitOasis is happy to introduce local funding options for our customers with UAE bank accounts. This makes us the first crypto exchange in the country to set up a local bank funding option for our valuable customers! 🚀.

Customers with local bank accounts in the UAE can now transfer funds in AED from their bank account to their BitOasis account, free of any charges.

Besides doing away with deposit and withdrawal charges, moving funds to the BitOasis account has become easy and simple. By adding BitOasis as a beneficiary in your local UAE bank account, you can swiftly move AED to our platform. This will dramatically reduce processing times that are common with overseas wire transfers.

Our CEO and co-founder Ola Doudin said, “I am very excited to announce that free AED deposit and withdrawal is now a reality for all our users in the UAE. At BitOasis, we’re constantly looking for new ways to simplify crypto investing for our customers.” 

She added, “by becoming the first crypto-asset exchange in the UAE and the region to set up a local bank account, we’re hoping to bring an unparalleled level of ease and efficiency to how people invest and trade in cryptocurrencies.”

Use this simple process to buy crypto-assets with local banking

At the same time, we have reached another new milestone in our mission to make purchasing crypto-assets completely hassle free! Introducing ‘Easy Funding,’ our new initiative to complete your deposits and withdrawals without ever having to leave the platform. Using the Easy Funding feature enables you to pay zero-fee for deposits in AED and quickly buy bitcoin online through our mobile app or website. 

It gets simpler from here on: In a one-time process, you can add BitOasis as a beneficiary in your bank account and link the two accounts to save more time and focus on what matters most: Joining us in preparing for a more robust crypto economy!

Follow these six easy steps below to get started!

How to deposit and withdraw crypto with no fee

So, here’s how you can still buy bitcoin or ether online with a bank account in the UAE, effortlessly.

Step 1: Login to BitOasis.

Step 2: After you select ‘Accounts’, tap on ‘Deposit.’ 

Step 3: Under ‘Deposit Method’ click ‘Link Bank.’ 

Step 4: Select your bank and click ‘Set Up Payments.’

Step 5: Once you reach the ‘Permissions Page’ select ‘Agree and Continue.’

Step 6: Sign in with your credentials to successfully link your bank account.* That’s it. You’re done!

You can now easily buy bitcoin, ether and over 20 other crypto-assets online on the BitOasis app or website. 

According to our CEO and Co-Founder, “BitOasis was created with a vision to build a transparent and inclusive financial system in the region, using cryptocurrencies as the building blocks. As we continue to build the infrastructure needed to drive mainstream adoption of crypto assets in the UAE, one of our big goals is to lower the barriers to entry in the market.” Ola further said:

“By entirely cutting down deposit and withdrawal costs, we want to make it easier for users at all levels to enter the crypto space. We also hope that this launch, alongside our knowledge-building initiatives, will minimize hesitation among first-time investors who are still on the fence about crypto.”

“We’re also grateful for the continued support of the UAE government and our partnership with the authorities and national banks that will help accelerate our growth in a compliant and regulated manner.”

By introducing these key initiatives, BitOasis has come one step closer to building a more open and efficient crypto ecosystem in UAE, and hopefully across the wider region. Watch this space for more announcements coming soon.

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