Our new platform is coming soon!

At BitOasis, our users come first. We are constantly listening to your feedback, keeping up to date with the crypto market and most importantly, improving our platform. Our aim is to always continue offering you a secure, easy and reliable way to buy, sell and trade crypto-assets.

We are excited to announce that we are getting ready to launch our new platform with two enhanced products. The new platform will allow us to better serve our diverse user base and offer a broader spectrum of services for our regular traders and newcomers.

The new platform is focused on efficiency, security and convenience. Furthermore, you will gain access to live market data for all pairs. You will also be able to track your portfolio and have the ability to create customizable price alerts. The new features will help in optimizing your trading experience and assist you to better track the market.

Whether you are looking to directly buy and hold your crypto-assets, or regularly trade with fiat-crypto or crypto-crypto pairs, your experience will be faster, easier and of course, supported by our dedicated team.

For all our current users, you will not have to take any additional steps to utilize the new experience; simply log in and start transacting as usual.

Finally, we hope you enjoy the new upcoming release. We’re continuously working on enhancing our platform and user experience while maintaining the best rates and liquidity in the market.

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