Why it’s been smooth sailing for Waves

Quick Takeaway: 

  • Cryptocurrency, WAVES reached a new all-time high of $48, increasing by 50% in 24 hours on Tuesday.
  • Total Value Locked, or the sum of all Waves tokens surged to over $400 billion, 
  • Waves 2.0, the project’s upcoming migration, is another significant development sparking this momentum. 

Waves, which has now pushed past $55, stole the show this week with an impressive spike on the price chart. While the rise in value appeared suddenly, the price of Waves had already been gradually increasing in the last couple of weeks. This is probably because the project’s development never stopped, which may be why people have been investing in the crypto. 

Since Decentralized finance (DeFi) is where all the rage is these days, WAVES, with its  multi-purpose blockchain protocol, has been a prominent gainer. The project supports several use cases, including decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts.

Moreover, the Waves team has made some exciting market observations. They believe that the US is a crucial market to drive mass adoption in 2022 and thus established a US-based company, Waves Labs, in Miami, to foster growth. 

What’s Next for Waves? 

The recent partnership with Allbridge that will connect Waves with other popular blockchain networks significantly primed the crypto for a price surge. 

Another version of the Waves protocol is underway. The Allbridge partnership is a vital component of the plan to migrate to Waves 2.0 sometime this year. According to developers, Waves 2.0 will update the current Waves ecosystem to make the network faster and more secure while staying decentralized.

At the same time, the Waves development team is planning to implement disparate projects like a DAO Framework to bring new governance to Waves Open Collective. And an Inter-Metaverse Protocol that will enable people to connect between different metaverses. 

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