We always do our best to enable you to make the most of your trading experience, and today we’re glad to present to you our brand new Pro exchange, with several enhancements and features that will make your trading faster and more convenient.

Here are some of the new additions and enhancements to Pro:

  • An elegant customizable design. We have made Pro’s screens cleaner, simpler, and more appealing visually, to help you enjoy a seamless trading experience with zero distractions, placing everything where you need it to be. We’ve changed the layout of the order book, your orders’, and many other elements in a way that helps you place your focus where you need it to be, without being distracted by other elements you don’t need at the moment. 
  • Categorized trading pairs. When looking for your favorite trading pair, you’ll go now through a better-organized collection, where cryptocurrencies are categorized based on their functions, novelty, or the hosting blockchain. This should help you understand your portfolio’s variety better, and make it easier for you to find any pair. You can also now search coins by their name, not only their tracker, and set your favorite trading pairs to find them even faster at your next trading session.
  • Live data, for faster trading. We’ve brought down the price chart timeframes as low as 1 minute, so you can get all the data you need when you need it, including tens of indicators a click away. 
  • Analyze now, and trade later. Using our various drawing and analysis tools, you can now place your technical analysis on the chart, and keep it there for your next trading session, to find your predicted movements, entering and exiting points, and more, when you’re ready to put your plan into action.
  • Pro orders are easier to make now. With a sweet touch of automation, your orders are easier to make now. Place the cursor on the price field, and your order type will change from market to limit order. You can also now set your order’s amount based on the amount you’d be paying for buy and getting for sell, which means, for example, that you can now set how much USD you want to buy Bitcoin with, without having to set the Bitcoin amount.