How to buy bitcoin on BitOasis account?

1- You start by depositing with Dirhams, please click on the “ Deposit Money” page on the “Buy Bitcoin” tab. You’ll start by filling in the AED amount you choose. The voucher is a way to add AED credits to your wallet that you can trade to Bitcoin any time you want.

2- After selecting voucher amount to proceed with payment by initiating a wire transfer manually with the AED amount to our bank (You’ll find our bank details on the 2nd page of the buy bitcoin tab) or pay using credit/debit cards.

3- We’ll receive your payment on the same day or next business day if you’re sending from UAE. If not, it may take up to 1-3 business days.

4- After we confirm receiving your payment, your AED balance is updated with your AED credits that you can immediately convert (Redeem) to bitcoin at the exchange rate available.

For further information, please make sure to check our FAQ: